Friday, January 23, 2009

Fighting for life

The issue of abortion is a huge divider. There isn't a middle ground. Either you believe life should be protected from the moment it sparks or you don't.

I know there are disagreements as to when life actually begins, which simply seem like semantics to justify actions to me: It's OK to abort at one month but not two, at three but not five, etc., etc.

It's an issue that isn't going to be resolved in our lifetimes no matter who passes what law.

No matter how a person feels about it, abortions are not something that tax dollars should buy. I especially do not want a nickel of MY tax dollars going to support abortion.

I'll be including some info on here at times as to what's happening on the abortion front, and where it looks like we're headed.

Obama’s Pro-Abortion Views Fuel Pro-Life Defiance in March for Life
( - The 36th annual March for Life on Thursday drew pro-life activists from around the country to a rally on the Mall and a massive march down Constitution Avenue to the Supreme Court. But this year’s event differed from those in the past as speakers and banners sent a message to President Obama -- and a signal that his election has energized the pro-life movement.

Obama to Reverse Abortion Policy on Friday
Washington (AP) - Officials say President Barack Obama will sign an executive order on Friday ending the ban on federal funds for international groups that promote or perform abortion. Pro-life groups are dismayed at the reversal of the Bush administration’s pro-life policy.

Obama Intends to Lift Family-Planning 'Gag Rule'
Wall Street Journal - USAWade
By LAURA MECKLER WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama will issue an order restoring US funding for international family-planning groups involved with ...

Lutherans Join Pro-Life Activists, Urge President Obama to Protect the Unborn
( – Pro-life activists from around the country – gathering Thursday on the National Mall for the 36th annual March for Life – say they are worried about President Barack Obama’s pro-abortion stance.

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